Need something now? Enjoy discovering your true potential with me as I use a combination of coaching and psychology to reach the goals and dreams you’ve always wanted in life, love and career.


My books are a professional, cost-effective start to developing a more empowered and insightful you. My work has also been published in online magazines Great Health Guide and Soar Collective.


Life Works When – A Story of Piecing Happiness Together for a Successful Life
Supercharging Self-development - Future Focus Your Life - COMING SOON


Are you ready to dig deep and discover what drives your insecurities, vulnerabilities and emotions? Do you want to learn what your own unhealthy coping shields are and how to change them to a healthy one? Recognise your inner critic and know its game plan. If you never have experienced mode work then now is the time to discover a new way of seeing yourself and letting go of the past to embrace a happier, healthier and more harmonious future. Join Sarah as she simplifies and coaches you through an effective and immediate way to change your life.


The workshops have been developed from my extensive experience and delivered in a user-friendly personal coaching format, designed to give you a better understanding of how to become a more successful and happier you. We will work together to challenge your faulted thinking and behaviour that is holding you back. Expect to gain skills, knowledge and be challenged to think differently!


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    The 15 FocusDon't miss your chance to book a session

    I am so excited to launch my brand-new business line (because apparently, I am not busy enough!!)

     The Focus 15!

    I have designed this ‘future of coaching’ opportunity because as a busy boss who talks a lot to busy people, the one thing we all VALUE is TIME.


    for the best 15 minute coaching mind sprint to unleash your potential.