I bring my own unique blend of personal and professional style to the coaching psychology experience. Focused, individual, evidence-based and highly experienced, I’ve developed my own tools and approaches to get my clients where they need to go.


Change is the only constant in our lives. We change from child to adult, from single to coupled, from parent to grandparent, employed to retired so many changes we naturally accept and often strive for. The workplace environment is merely an extension of that. It cannot remain static. It needs to grow, upgrade, expand, shift with economic and structural needs, move with new staff, ideas and knowledge. If it doesn’t the workplace will eventually fold. We want change. We need change. We should seek it and celebrate when it arrives because it gives each of us a chance to grow. Some will change their work role, some will decide to leave. Neither choice is wrong it is only different. Each step forward is a movement towards learning something more about yourself, how you cope and how you need to grow more personally and professionally. Your brain is ready and designed for change, and now is as good a time as any to find out just how much you can change and grow.


Your happiness depends on how flexible and adaptable you can become, within your beliefs, your relationships and your world. My aim is to help you to shift your focus so that your thinking is not on how to avoid negative moments, but on how to survive these most unwanted and undesired experiences in life. In my role as a personal/professional development and life coach in Melbourne, I use more than two decades of understanding what motivates people, how to tap into what makes you perform, interact and behave to your optimum level. I challenge and support you to grow, learn more about who you are and find the pathway to become authentic and autonomous. Come on a voyage of true discovery of who you have been, who you are and who you could become. Become a more authentic, flexible and powerful presence in your life with me as your life coach in Melbourne or online.


There are numerous ways to get started on discovering your true potential with me. I love to write and I regularly post on my blog with thought-provoking articles with my blend of coaching and psychology. In addition to my own books, my work has also been published in online magazines Great Health Guide and Soar Collective. These are a professional, cost-effective way that you can start to develop a more empowered and insightful you. I hope that you learn what it is to be curious, courageous and collaborative in your relationships and in your everyday interactions.


Do you have a question for me? Want to make a booking? Send me a message.