Is it time for a change? Benefit from my dual role in psychology-coaching and in business with my services in professional development in Melbourne. I draw upon all areas of my successful career, past, present and future, to support and guide you in your life. As your business coach in Melbourne, my aim is to help you to become an authentic, successful and more powerful version of yourself.

Work With Me: Mentoring Business Coach Melbourne

Sometimes you need a sounding board rather than the goals and value-driven executive coaching Melbourne coaches often offer. Mentoring is the collaboration and transference of skills and knowledge in a particular area of expertise. Mentoring is for you if you feel experienced in your field of work or life choice and want an objective professional opinion or insight to guide you forward in your position.

Benefits of these mentoring sessions include:

  • Excel in human behaviour and interactions to improve your own and your team’s performance.
  • Become stress empowered by using debriefing, guidance and skills in managing and understanding people.
  • Enhance your skills as a life and personal development coach by professional reflection and consultation needed to grow and improve your client’s success.
  • Be challenged in your thinking styles to increase your own development and future success.

Individual sessions or packages available:

1 x hour session per week – interstate/international by phone/zoom/skype as preferred.
1 x weekly focus phone contact- as required (15 minutes debrief or support)
Additional phone support per 20 minutes.


5 x sessions 10 x sessions

Let’s work together to increase your confidence, build success, find direction and set goals. Working with me we can move easily between business and personal needs using coaching, advice and psychological knowledge to get you feeling back in the game and focused on your future and the success you desire.

Clients who have used this style of executive coaching Melbourne include business owners and entrepreneurs, directors, psychologists, allied health and mental health workers, life coaches, senior management and school staff.

Supervision and Professional Consultation

Not sure where to go from here or what you should do next? As my version of executive coaching in Melbourne, these professional consultations are coaching for the coaches, supervision for the supervisors, consultation for psychologists and allied health and guidance for the leaders who need to demonstrate direction. Drawing on coaching, business and psychological experience and training let’s start a discussion on areas of need, concern and solution.
Benefits of this guidance include:

  • Prevents burn out
  • Enhances reflective processes
  • Identifies parallel processing
  • Challenges your thinking styles and assumptions
  • Keeps you motivated and focused
  • Prevents subjectivity from guiding your decision making and client goals and advice
  • Creates de-briefing opportunities
  • Allows you to share and learn

Supervision and Professional Consultation.

Individual (as required)
1 x hour session – interstate or international by phone/zoom/skype as preferred.
1 x weekly follow up phone support/debrief if required (15 minutes debrief or support).


5 x sessions 10 x sessions

Working with people on improving their lives can be emotionally exhausting and we all need to recharge. It can also be isolating which makes having a supervision session or professional consultations so important. These sessions can also help you to maintain professional boundaries and ethics (and legal requirements in accord with client confidentiality and privacy and consultant rights).

Clients who have engaged my services as a business coach Melbourne wide and online include social workers, psychologists, HR managers, doctors, nurses, personal trainers, motivational speakers and even other life coaches and business coaches.


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