If there is one thing we have learnt recently, it is our capability to change, demonstrate resilience and adapt to an ever changing landscape. I wonder how many of us have been surprised that we did cope and showed how capable and resilient we really are? That’s what I do. Help you discover the unknown strengths, the hidden potential and the emerging capabilities that you need right now.  To be clear, I am not ‘that’ coach who is going to promise you all the success in the world, no matter what your dream. I am far too realistic for that. I can give you a considered path forward so you have every opportunity to grab that dream and make it your own.

Maybe your life has changed dramatically and you need to find out who you are again? Maybe you never really had a chance to find out in the first place?

Perhaps you feel something is missing and you have never really reached your potential, in life, love or work?

You might wonder why you keep missing that promotion, that job or that success (whatever is your jam).

It might even be a pattern of bad relationships, poor choices and drifting in life without a goal or purpose?

Whether you need one session or a bunch to get you to your goal, develop deep insight and understand your patterns of behaviour that are entrenched, coaching psychology could be the answer.

For leaders

You know that from emerging from the discord and chaos of the pandemic, your role has changed and there has been an urgency to connect, belong and support each other. Through this, many leaders and organisations have discovered they have gaps in the skill base, needed to guide and nurture their teams, build sustainable cultures and a business framework with the resilience and mental fortitude to demonstrate empathy, embrace vulnerability and still get the job done.

A humanistic leadership, fearlessly digs deep into our own level of self awareness, our ability to grow empathic connectivity and build businesses to establish team and consumer loyalty.


Make sure you jump on The 15 Focus page to find out how to get your mind sprint on so you are back on track and motivated again.

If you are on a personal coaching journey, then having a brave mind let’s you accept all those faults and flaws you think prevent you from success and happiness. Together we can conquer your fears, jump the hurdles and create new options and pathways forward.  Melbourne based but working with you wherever you live, our goals and strategies will bring insight, knowledge and high performance back into your career, relationships or life.


Author, blogger, speaker, coach and psychologist.

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  • Qualified Psychologist, Personal and Professional coach
  • Certified Chair with the Advisory Board
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Running a business is hard work balanced with high rewards. When I started, I bought a building and hung out my shingle and just launched. What I needed a few years down the track was what I am now – a mentor, a guide, someone with experience under their belt, who is invested in you to succeed and has a wide range of networks to draw on when needed. So here I am. Ready for you.

None of us can do it alone. Whether its one coaching session or loads, together we can knuckle down, get over the mental and emotional hurdles, set the goals and targets and get there (what ever ‘there’ is for you).


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Testimonials from webinars and public speaking.

A huge THANK YOU for the insights you provided to my CINC Group in your “Elephant in the Room’ presentation this morning.We are all extremely grateful to you for giving us your time and we really value the suggestions & ideas that you communicated throughout the presentation, both in individual coping mechanisms and also in how to initiate conversations with others on how they are coping. We all feel much better armed in the event that we find ourselves in such a situation.

Ian Cordner CINC Group.

itSMF ACT Virtual State Event

10/10 score, and commented “It was really useful content, which I would like to take back into my team”.

Engineers Australia

Awesome, the “bad” jokes and fun activities were great
Content was good, and it was good to see it focus on typical engineering personality types.
Easily one of the top webinar presenters I have experienced. She was funny, engaging and down to earth. A really great webinar!
Good advice overall
Good and honest.
Good knowledgeable presenter
Good presentation thanks.
Great engaging presenter who gave out plenty of energy which can be difficult on vidcon.
Light humoured. An excellent quality to present this topic.
Poll was good
The content was excellent and relevant – it lined up with my experiences and reassured me. Some help advice.
Well presented, relatable, and thought provoking
Well done Sarah!


Admin Network Conferences Catholic Schools.


If you are a CEO, let us start a conversation on your own CEO Development Plan.

If you are a business owner, how about a Business Growth Plan to check where you are headed?

Thinking of growing? Let’s talk about a Business Accelerator Program.

Had enough and want out? Maybe a Change Management Plan.

Maybe its time you looked at getting in a couple of advisors to help? A Board Starter Program could suit you.

That’s why I love offering what I do. I have the toolkit and experience to guide you. Oh, and with no judgment.

The control remains with you. The commitment level is yours to decide and we have the FREEDOM IN A FRAMEWORK, to go wherever you need. 

Interested yet? Drop me an email and I can send you some info to help you determine what you want, and need.



I bring my own unique blend of personal and professional style to the coaching psychology experience. Focused, individual, evidence-based and highly experienced, I’ve developed my own tools and approaches to get my clients where they need to go. You can learn more about my approach and some handy advice by reading my blog posts.

  • life for work

    Life Works When – A Story of Piecing Happiness Together for a Successful Life. A parable on the 5 pieces of happiness we need to understand and work to achieve to find happiness and success in life.

  • life for work

    Life Works When – A Story of Piecing Happiness Together for a Successful Life. A parable on the 5 pieces of happiness we need to understand and work to achieve to find happiness and success in life.

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