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Life is too short to get stuck in old patterns or to fear changing things up, to get the success you know you should have by now. Coaching psychology brings together the best of life coaching and psychology to release you from the mental, emotional or relationship limitations you have created.  Let’s define choice, personal responsibility and accountability to grab control back in your life and move you towards an exciting future.

Having a brave mind let’s you accept all those faults and flaws you think prevent you from success and happiness. Together we can conquer your fears, jump the hurdles and create new options and pathways forward.  Melbourne based but working with you wherever you live, our goals and strategies will bring insight, knowledge and high performance back into your career, relationships or sporting potential. Ready to get fearless?


Invest in the relationship economy. 

Let me share the knowledge of 75,000 hours of face to face client work I have achieved, with you. I’m all about embracing your flawed and faulted perceptions of who you are, think you may be and fear you are destined to become.

The relationship economy is not a new buzz word, it is the reality of the future. Technology will only get you so far and if you’re not careful those amazing human skills you have taken for granted will get rusty, outdated and ineffective against the demands and needs of clients, consumers and business.

The future workplaces need highly intuitive, creative and authentic people to balance the technological advancements already driving business and careers forward.  If you were a screen teen generation then your human skills are not as strong, insightful, fluid and creative as you may think.

Time to upgrade and enjoy a coaching psychology combination that drives an authentic, direct, fresh and powerful learning experience.

Let’s get going!


Needs some confidence? Lost in direction or maybe your career is changing? As a Melbourne based life coach and coaching psychologist I have loads of ideas, skills and strategies to share with you. If you need someone to keep you be accountable and on-task, then my style of  coaching will suit you perfectly. Communication something you could improve? I have developed my own tools to help you move forward with greater insight, ability and determination. From start ups to CEO’s, athletes to entertainment, whoever you are, if you are passionate about changing things up to increase your success we will make a great coaching team. Being in the wellness business for so long, moving easily between business and personal needs is something I can offer to bring your goals to life.

Discover what a brave mind is capable of and  lean in to finding your best self.

Sarah Godfrey is a highly professional practitioner in her field. Sarah’s warm, approachable and friendly disposition allows a natural and open dialogue to emerge. Her qualities are obvious in private interactions as well as when she presents to larger groups. Sarah Godfrey’s dynamic presentation to our Administrators in November 2019, provided wonderful insight into different personality traits and allowed time for us to individually reflect on how we can respond more positively to the people around us. Working interactively through activities, games and discussions was a fun and interesting way to provoke reflection and consider new perspectives. We covered many topics including how we make decisions, coping with stress and adapting to change through creative problem solving. Small group activities created opportunities to realise the potential of working with an alternative point of view rather than responding negatively to different perspectives. Sarah’s activities helped to shine a spotlight on how our perspective of a particular problem or situation can change the outcome. I would highly recommend Sarah for any business workshop and look forward to having her join us again for another fun and insightful presentation.

Rebecca Burt

Administration, Catholic School Administration Conference 2019


Like to see me in action? I speak to groups, organisations, on podcasts and media, on all things human and the relationship economy. Bringing my own activities and interactive experiences and challenges, I will have you up and moving while you explore the new and novel on being you.



You can never stop learning on how to improve your interpersonal skills and communication. Being challenged and growing should be fun and exciting. Working collaboratively lets discover what your professional capability really is.


Everyone has a book in them and mine was a fun light hearted look at the big question I am always asked- How can I be happy and successful? With the wonderful illustrations by artist Carol Gray, this book is a short yet powerful journey on keeping your needs simple and your outlook focused.


Our ability to self improve, learn and be challenged is never ending. If you are stuck, in a rut or unsure what you are doing in life or love, then we can unpack and unhook your mindset and move forward with insight, knowledge and new skills. Finding out who you are is an amazing and liberating experience, faults and flaws are our superpowers untapped. Time to get started!


As your life coaching in Melbourne, I’m proud to bring my own unique blend of personal and professional style to the coaching experience. Focused, individual, evidence-based and highly experienced, I’ve developed my own tools and approaches to get my clients where they need to go. You can learn more about my approach and some handy advice by reading my blog posts.

  • life for work

    Life Works When – A Story of Piecing Happiness Together for a Successful Life. A parable on the 5 pieces of happiness we need to understand and work to achieve to find happiness and success in life.

  • life for work

    Life Works When – A Story of Piecing Happiness Together for a Successful Life. A parable on the 5 pieces of happiness we need to understand and work to achieve to find happiness and success in life.

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