An author, blogger, speaker, coach and psychologist, let’s connect and collaborate to help you become an authentic, successful and more powerful version of yourself than you ever imagined.


A brave mind allows us to be fearless emotionally and in our actions. In my career that stretches over two decades, my clients have taught me so much about what it really means to be resilient, ambitious, successful and content.

I want to share this with you. All this knowledge gathered from over 7500 individual clients, businesses and high performance achievers.

Things like what it takes to make it, how to keep being motivated, what success really looks like and how to keep it. We can work together on maintaining healthy adult relationships, owning your stuff, stepping out of the blame game and working in your partnerships to find happiness and belonging. Need a brave mind that can take you into any high achieving arena? Let me help you with my own tools and strategies.

Maybe, you are looking for an edge in your sporting performance, that extra self belief and determination to propel you past your competition? A brave mind can take you there if you know how to turn it on.

My career has taken me into businesses for leadership, team building and culture reframing, to schools, the entertainment industry and sporting world and more. What each of these amazing clients have shared with me is, we are all capable of change and being challenged. We are all faulted and flawed yet able to excel in our chosen fields. We can all continue to learn to communicate better, with courage and clarity and we never stop learning how to be our best version in this life.

This is what drives me to work with you, keep things real and anchored and to celebrate that moment when you become a gladiator in your own life, ready to take on the world.

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What we can explore:

  • Interpersonal and Communication skills
  • Cognitive Behavioural  and Analytical skills
  • Motivation and Sustainable Focus
  • Building your business identity.
  • Solution Focused Problem Solving
  • Consultation for starting your professional life.
  • Mode and Transactional Principles
  • SMART Management, Conflict Resolution and Team Building
  • Leadership – Embrace your vulnerability for a powerful future.
  • Personality and Human Need Assessments
  • Human Skills (creativity, courage, emotional intelligence and vulnerability)
  • Relationship- Be better in love and in friendship.
  • life for work

    Life Works When – A Story of Piecing Happiness Together for a Successful Life. A parable on the 5 pieces of happiness we need to understand and work to achieve to find happiness and success in life.

  • life for work

    Life Works When – A Story of Piecing Happiness Together for a Successful Life. A parable on the 5 pieces of happiness we need to understand and work to achieve to find happiness and success in life.


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