With my services in personal development Melbourne coaching online, I can design a tailor-made, individually focused program based on your goals and needs blended with insight, knowledge and a deeper understanding of human skills, neuroplasticity and the need for emotional adaptability and agility. Success should be challenging, fun and inspirational so let’s get going. Pick your style of coaching and we can begin.

Supercharged Self-Development

It’s time to upgrade your self-development and challenge yourself to empower and enhance your skills and strengths. This is a unique take on the kind of personal development Melbourne is probably used to. It has been designed to help you unpack the stuff that has you stuck, review and re-learn communicating and conversation abilities and check in on your personal growth and esteem. Time to discard all those useless versions of self you’ve been carrying around and embrace a stronger, wiser and more successful you.

These personal coaching Melbourne sessions are suitable for all individuals seeking personal coaching in Melbourne to enhance and build on past skills as well as their future potential. That includes those individuals who are moving career paths or who feel stuck in careers; people in relationships that need revitalising; people in positions of change in their lives and many more situations. Clients who have used this service include business leaders, senior management, CEO’s and organisation management or owners, sole traders, artists, musicians, athletes and actors.

Self development Sessions

Individual (as required)
1 x hour session – interstate or international by phone/zoom/skype as preferred.
1 x weekly follow up phone support/debrief if required (15 minutes debrief or support).


5 x sessions 10 x sessions

With these sessions in personal development in Melbourne or online, benefits include;

  • Find happiness and authenticity and achieve your dreams
  • Discover your areas of development still underutilised
  • Be held accountable for your goals and hitting the targets your need
  • Learn to use body language, verbal cues and conversation styles
  • Improved listening skills for effective conversation outcomes
  • Decision-making clarity and emotional agility
  • Be more influential in your life by learning to be empowered
  • Find passion in what you do
  • Be skilled in communication and connectivity
  • Fulfil all your potential and become authentic in your actions
  • Discover and use your personality, talents and abilities


Do you like the sound of incorporating experienced guidance and supportive challenges into your life? A relationship with a personal development Melbourne coach can become the vital bond that allows you to develop both professionally and personally. It not only expands your knowledge, viewpoint and expertise but also helps you to gain confidence and self-esteem in the life you lead. As your personal development coach, I will provide balance and understanding as well as guidance and direction. All appointments are confidential and conducted with the expertise and professionalism that comes with being a psychologist for over two decades. To learn more about the packages on offer for personal development coaching in Melbourne or via an online platform, please send an enquiry using the contact form below.


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