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CINC Group Elephant in the Room presentation

A huge THANK YOU for the insights you provided to my CINC Group in “Elephant in the Room” presentation this morning.

We are extremely grateful to you for giving us your time and we really value the suggestions and ideas that you communicated throughout the presentation, both in individual coping mechanisms and also in how to initiate conversations with others on how they are coping.

We all feel much better armed in the event that we find ourselves in such a situation.

Ian Cordner, Chairman, CINC Group

Administration Conference for Catholic School Administrative Employees Victoria 2019

Sarah Godfrey is a highly professional practitioner in her field. Sarah’s warm, approachable and friendly disposition allows a natural and open dialogue to emerge. Her qualities are obvious in private interactions as well as when she presents to larger groups. Sarah Godfrey’s dynamic presentation to our Administrators in November 2019, provided wonderful insight into different personality traits and allowed time for us to individually reflect on how we can respond more positively to the people around us. Working interactively through activities, games and discussions was a fun and interesting way to provoke reflection and consider new perspectives. We covered many topics including how we make decisions, coping with stress and adapting to change through creative problem-solving. Small group activities created opportunities to realise the potential of working with an alternative point of view rather than responding negatively to different perspectives. Sarah’s activities helped to shine a spotlight on how our perspective of a particular problem or situation can change the outcome. I would highly recommend Sarah for any business workshop and look forward to having her join us again for another fun and insightful presentation.

Rebecca Burt, Administration, Catholic Administration Conference 2019

2018 CPA Congress delegate keynote: Human Skills – Future Proof Your Career

Hi Sarah,

I attended one of your sessions during the CPA Congress in Melbourne this year in October. I am really happy that I attended your session.
Now that I’ve had a few weeks to see if I could apply some of the learning I took away from your session, I thought it might be appropriate to also let you know how helpful it has been to me.
One thing that I have applied successfully is the concept of creative thinking around the way I do things at my work. In my personal life, I am usually good at thinking things through and finding different ways of doing things. But, at work usually, get caught up with ‘getting things done’. So I don’t give it too much thought about how I can find some creative/new ways to do things that would save me not only time but also make the mundane/annoying tasks easier to do.
I had been delaying a couple of system-related issues because I thought ‘I knew what steps I needed to undertake’ to fix those things. However, after I attended your session, I decided to try to apply a bit of creative thinking around those tasks. I also ensured that when I was thinking about it, I was in an open mind frame. So that I don’t fight with my own thinking, but rather let it flow in a more organic manner.
After a couple of attempts, found some simple ways of fixing those problems and also turned it around into an enjoyable task, since now I was concentrating more on the way to do this task rather than the only the outcome.
It’s hard to articulate exactly the situation to you. But I really wanted to thank you for making us do the exercise in your class around filing in 30 circles with 30 different things in 3 minutes. It has surely helped me and I know next time I have something annoying in front of me, I’ll think about different ways of doing things rather than obsess on the things that have gone wrong.

Keep up the great work and thanks again 🙂

Kunal 2019

(You can listen to Sarah speaking about this topic on the CPA Australia Podcast).


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