Thought you would love working from home?

Is your team not coping with working from isolation?

How can you help?

Some of us have dreamed of being able to work from home, only to discover in the last six weeks it is more of a nightmare. Others have found out they thrive in the home setting. Join Sarah as she explores what you need to do and know to stay mentally strong, productive and connected in these strange and challenging times. Sarah Godfrey is a business owner, psychologist and coach and like many has had to navigate her workplace and team into new working landscapes as a result of the COVID-19 crisis.

Working from home compared to work isolation restrictions have very different cognitive and emotional impacts on our employees. Recent COVID-19 research on working from home across Australia and NZ showed a significant rise in anxiety and stress levels well above normal rates when we select to work from home. Not everyone suits the home office and unpacking why is a pathway to building resilience.

Sarah has designed an easy assessment tool to help employers and their team to recognise their isolation traits, how to help isolation work from slipping into idle and how to gain deeper understanding of how each of us functions and copes in off-site work environments.


Who is the SHARK, TURTLE, OCTOPUS, ORCA OR DOLPHIN when it comes to working at home or in isolation?

What  STOOD characteristics do you need to know to help your team or to help yourself?



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