The Extra Sip. Episode 2.

Kick ass tribes and groove crews.

If you ask anyone who has done the long haul to success what got them over the line and sealed their career, they will tell you the people around them. Friends and family that chipped in to help and were a constant cheer squad. Your network that guided and held you steady. And more often than not, the mentors or coaches (MC’s) that supported you, challenged you and gave that mental slap down when you needed it.

Mentors are more than hand holders through the tough times. They see the ride ahead and get it will be tough. They understand you’ll want to give up and stop at some stage. They know you’ll ask yourself if it is all really worth it. So, why don’t we ensure a mentor or coach is part of our groove crew. The group that builds a mental trampoline under you, for those career ups and down.

MC’s- The why and why not’s

For some it is a cost thing. Investment over tangible benefits can be a hurdle to grasp and conquer. This is because a lot of the work done by MC’s is quiet and non-transactional. It is in the building of confidence, sharing of knowledge and shaping of professional resilience. Skills that are hard to measure and are formatted over time.

For others it’s in the trust and value they place on guidance and experience. We can all be a bit of a knowledge guts at times, assuming we have the answers, or our situation is unique. Many may have trusted others in the past only to be blindsided professionally or financially.

Of course, another reason for the reluctance to embrace MC’s is in the fear of challenge, failure or success. Being held accountable means there is no-where to hide. All the dodging, avoidance, excuses and procrastination is held under a spotlight. You might just be faced with your own blocks, inadequacies, gaps and emotional levers. Uncomfortable, sure, but necessary to push through to the success you dream about.

Finally, the eggs in one basket syndrome. No one MC can provide all the learning, support and skill development over your professional career. This can lead you to feeling let down or frustrated. After all, MC’s are not magicians, friends or family. They are just highly skilled people with specialised knowledge.

Who do you need in the Kick Ass tribe?

That is why a kick Ass tribe is vital. We need a group of people around us that fill a range of needs to succeed. It allows us to move between our supports as each situation and choice arises. We can cherry pick who is the best person from the team to lead us through the next stage and then draw on that level of support, knowledge, care or savvy advice.

So, here are our groove crew must haves to drive your business, get the love and be challenged to be better than you think you are.

  • The Downloader (who you dump and share all the stuff going on in your life).
  • The Mentor (the one who has walked in those shoes before you tried them on).
  • The Balancer ( a rational and reasonable voice to hold you true north).
  • The Challenger (that person that can challenge you fearlessly and call your shit out).
  • The Cheersquader (celebrates all victories and pumps you ready to go again in your failures).
  • The Connector (reaches out to connect and network you with those who can teach, coach and help you succeed).


With this blend of support, as well as family and friends, we would have to say we are bloody lucky to have our tribes –the kick ass crew who helps us be better than we were yesterday

Our advice to all is find your tribe, make it huge and know your challenge to target who helps with what.

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