By: Sarah Godfrey On: July 02, 2021

Why Doing the Dusty can help your resilience. Sarah Godfrey Words, like other things, can become trends and resilience, is a big buzz word. But what does it mean, and can we build resilience? Are we born with resilience or is it something we learn by watching others? The...

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By: Sarah Godfrey On: June 29, 2021

Managing Vs Battling by Nigel Sutton Nigel Sutton was a special guest on our Podcast The Business Hangover with Nicky and Sarah. His raw and inspiring story on how he managed his cancer diagnosis and the growth he discovered throughout the process is only touched on in the conversation...

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By: Sarah Godfrey On: May 22, 2021

The Extra Sip Blog Episode 4 Resolving the false imposter in you. Decades ago, I sat around a large table in a hospital, as a shiny new psychologist. Around me sat paediatricians, neuropsychologist, psychiatrists, general practitioners, and a team of allied health professionals. My client was a young male...

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By: Sarah Godfrey On: May 11, 2021

Sleeping on the job. Is it a good thing? Who would have thought that sleeping on the job would become a reality? How do you feel about placing sleeping pods in the workplace, so that your employees can take a rest? A nanna nap. A couple of Zd’s between...

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By: Sarah Godfrey On: May 01, 2021

The Extra Sip. Episode 2. Kick ass tribes and groove crews. If you ask anyone who has done the long haul to success what got them over the line and sealed their career, they will tell you the people around them. Friends and family that chipped in to help...

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By: Sarah Godfrey On: January 21, 2021

Anticipating Discord. Being future ready in business. Sarah Godfrey 2020 The new buzz word, ‘disruption’ isn’t just business-speak. It is the way of the future. Looking forward we need to be discord directed. Not in the paranoid, doom and gloom perspective of the world and business. Rather in an...

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By: Sarah Godfrey On: January 07, 2021

Mind and Body Emotional Links Sarah Godfrey 2021 Ever wondered what a heat scan would show about how we experience emotions? We have a universal image of anger being hot and depression being cold, yet how close to these assumptions are we really? The mind-body experience has intrinsic associations...

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By: Sarah Godfrey On: January 05, 2021

The Future in Flux. The Purpose of 2021 Sarah Godfrey, Jan 2021 So, what now? It seems as I look out my window at a misty Melbourne morning that even summer feels uncertain and the hot weather waiting is apprehensive and unsure it should go-ahead. Much as we all...

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By: Sarah Godfrey On: May 01, 2020

  Despite the odds. How a champion athlete is owning his future and found his brave mind.   I met Leon in 2017 and immediately was impressed. This dude was 20 years old, had turned up, paying his own way, on his own reconnaissance because he knew something was...

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By: Sarah Godfrey On: June 26, 2019

Not convinced to book that leave yet? The importance of creative thinking is vital for emotional resilience and intellectual achievement. Let’s take a moment to see into the future and learn how creativity will be a much sought after human skill.

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